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ANKOMXT15 Extractor

ANKOMXT15 Extractor - ankomxt15 extractor


ANKOMXT15 Extractor - Overview

 • Total automation of the official crude fat / solvent extraction (AOCS Am 5-04)

Extract up to 15 samples at a time; capable of up to 150 samples per day

Reduces extraction time to under 40 minutes at 90°C 

97% Solvent recovery

Microprocessor controlled with LCD readout

Solvent usage per sample ~ 0.5 ml

Filter Bag Technology 

Less bench space required

No Vent-hood required

Fat ranges from 0% to 100% 

*If using solvents such as diethyl ether please ask about seal upgrades.  

Applications & Information

The ANKOMXT15 Extractor provides an Official Procedure for efficient and economical solvent extractions.The ANKOMXT15 Extractor has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types. Fat ranges from 0% to 100% have been determined using this procedure.

The XT15’s low cost provides an affordable high-volume solution. Batch processing allows for the extraction of up to 15 samples at a time and is capable of more than 150 samples per day. Also 90°C temperatures accelerate extraction kinetics, reducing most extraction times to under 40 minutes.

Filter bags serve to simplify handling and enable batch processing. The XT15’s Automatic Solvent Recycling and Activated Charcoal Filter elminates the need for a vent hood and reduces costs.