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ANKOM Technology


ANKOM Technology uses Filter Bag Technology (FBT) to provide state of the art alternatives to Soxhlet type extraction methods and conventional fiber analysis. FBT was initially developed by ANKOM to provide low cost, rapid and high volume systems for determining acid detergent, neutral detergent and crude fiber values. ANKOM has introduced advanced products for fat analysis and fiber analysis that can replace Soxhlet apparatus, Foss Soxtec™ and Foss Fibertec™, Gerhardt's Soxtherm™ and more. Unlike these conventional methods, FBT allows for batch extraction and precise control. FBT provides a higher level of automation compared to traditional methods for fat analysis and fiber analysis. We offer instruments, chemicals and other ancillary products to support detergent fiber studies, crude fiber analysis, crude fat extraction, in vitro and in situ research and more. Before you consider purchasing a Soxhlet or other available apparatus for fiber of fat extraction we request that you view our proven alternatives.

FOSS, Soxtec and Fibertec are the registered trademarks of the FOSS Group, Hillerod, Denmark
Soxtherm is the registered trademark of C. Gerhardt, Germany